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Regular lab jobs

Daily jobs:


before patching:
Empty the vacuum bottle
Check the wire on the pipette holder and the ground wire look OK (chlorided, not scratched)
Check the air in the antivibration table and top up if necessary
Check the bath temperature and adjust the temperature controller if necessary

at the end of the day:

Weekly jobs:

Chloride wires & clean pipette holder
Polishing glass capillaries for patch pipettes
Sylgard for coating (if you do single-channel work)
Coating Petri dishes with Sylgard *(if you are working on axons)
Check fine forceps and re-grind if necessary (ask Gordon to show you this one)
Check Sylgard baths for axon incubation and *make new ones if necessary
Fix any defects in setup that have been noticed during the week
Check all solutions
Top up the 3M KCl for storing the pH electrode