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TITLE: Molecular targets responsible for the pain associated with neurovisceral porphyrias

DIRECTOR : Prof. dr. Alexandru Babes


Research team

Experienced scientists: Prof. Dr. Alexandru Babes

Researchers: Lector dr. Tudor Selescu

Research assistants: dr. Cristian Neacsu, drd. Alexandra Manolache

Drd. Dan Domocos will be hired for the research activities performed during 2019.



TITLUL PROIECTULUI: Tinte moleculare responsabile cu durerea asociata cu porfiriile neuroviscerale

DIRECTOR DE PROIECT : Prof. dr. Alexandru Babes


Echipa de cercetare

Cercetatori cu experienta: Prof. dr. Alexandru Babes

Cercetatori: Lector dr. Tudor Selescu

Asistenti de cercetare: dr. Cristian Neacsu, drd. Alexandra Manolache

In echipa proiectului va fi angajat pentru activitatile desfasurate incepand cu anul 2019 si drd. Dan Domocos.